Black Hole Sun–Alethea Kontis & Kelli Owen

Residing in Pennsylvania with her two children, a needy cat and some hippie, KELLI OWEN spends her days paying the bills and her fleeting free time writing, reading and/or editing for several popular mid-list genre authors. She can be found in Dark Futures, Dark Faith, the upcoming Nick Cave Anthology, and her novel, In the Shadow of Darkness, is due out this winter. Visit her at for more information. 

ALETHEA KONTIS is a geek, a princess, and a fairy-godmother-in-training—not necessarily in that order. She is a big fan of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and believes that everyone has the right to be awesome. (Yes, everyone.) Princess Alethea recently escaped her own life of tyranny being held captive in an Ivory Tower. She now lives Somewhere Over the Rainbow, in the land of butterflies and fairies. She is still searching for the perfect magic wand, and she writes better than your grandma. 


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